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An effective concierge exhibits not only the right skills but the right personality: someone to give the best first impression, who is personable and engaging with a particular strength in customer relations, whilst also having the ability to protect those inside the building from intruders and multitask with the varying duties they perform daily.

Our Service

1st Class Protection offers professionally-trained, fully-vetted, SIA-certified security officers for residential and corporate concierge services. Our priority is always to secure the premises, providing peace of mind for residents, workers and visitors; however, there are a great many additional tasks our staff are trained to undertake, which we offer as part of our complimentary, value-added service.

Our concierge undergo a comprehensive training programme at our in-house Training Academy so that they are much more than just a Front of House presence. They are fully equipped to keep the building safe from any threat of vandalism, theft or violence so that people feel safe and secure in their homes or offices. We achieve this by securing all entry and exit points; we can monitor CCTV, greet, log and direct visitors and turn away anyone who is deemed suspicious. We will also gently, but assertively, enforce building and conduct codes, such as helping to control noise levels.

Concierge Service From 1st Class Protection

'Meet and Greet'

We also have a ‘Meet and Greet’ service where anyone who might feel unsafe arriving home late at night or at the office early in the morning, for example, can be met at their car by their trusted concierge, who will then accompany them to the door, having already secured the area prior to their arrival. Our concierge can also check for unlocked cars and inform those whose vehicles are found unsecured.

Value-Added Service

In addition, our concierge staff will conduct routine inspections of the facilities inside the location and advise the building management of any necessary repair works that need to be done: such as replacing light bulbs, fixing faulty lifts or cracked pavements or other similar tasks. In doing this, we aim to help avoid Health and Safety breaches and speed up repairs which might otherwise go unreported for days or weeks.

Whilst these security and safety measures are our primary concern, it is also our pleasure to provide complimentary personalised services, such as receiving packages, dry cleaning or food deliveries, booking cabs or making restaurant reservations, and other similar duties as per request.

If you would like a complimentary consultation, without obligation, on how you could benefit from our professional and reliable concierge service, then give us a call today and we will happy to discuss your requirements.

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