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All 1st Class Protection personnel are of the highest possible calibre. Primarily from military and policing backgrounds, our security officers are extremely well qualified, and trained to act speedily and intelligently in any given situation - both pro-actively and reactively.

We operate a rigorous recruiting, screening and training process, so you can be confident the guards working with you will be the best of the best. Plus, our personal approach means you'll get to know us, and we'll get to know you, so we can match the right people to the right jobs.

In addition, all our personnel are highly motivated and well rewarded - making for consistency and reliability at all levels.



Michael was Manager of Special Projects at Marks & Spencer for 37 years, before he retired from the retail giant in 1991. He has since embarked on an impressive range of projects from Volunteer Co-ordinator for front office assistants at Pinner Metropolitan Police Station to Life vice-president of West London Synagogue,Security Officer for CST and a Trustee of the Raphael Counselling Service.



A former Israeli army specialist-operations officer, Assaf established 1st Class Protection in 2003, and has since developed it into one of London's most trusted security companies. Having trained as a solicitor, and obtained an MBA, Assaf has an intelligent approach to protection, ensuring that our personnel and systems are always up-to-the-minute in terms of training and technology - and that exceptional service is always a priority.



Re'em started his career in the security business in London after serving 3 years in the army, where he was involved in special unit training including anti-terror, mobility of special units, first aid and directing operations. With over 15 years of experience in the security field, Re'em also has a Business Degree from London Business School.



Olga has 7 years experience in management, work planning, and rosters. Having held management positions within various UK and overseas companies she joined 1st Class Protection in October 2006 as Office Manager. Olga is in charge of SIA sector, screening and vetting control and has a senior administrative role in the company. She has previous experience in customer services and financials.

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