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Rules and Regulation: What Do You Need To Know?

When looking to implement security protocol throughout your business you should first begin by assessing the many security risks in retail that you may face. From here, you can then begin to devise a security procedure that limits any risk to your business. But where should you start when implementing these procedures?

Make Sure Your Security Measures Are Visible

When you are running a business, you want to make sure that your security measures are as visible as possible. Whether this is clearly advertising the use of CCTV to deter shoplifters or the use of manned guards outside or inside the building to act as a deterrent and to implement store policies, such as social distancing, one-way systems or a no food or drink policy. There are many retail security services that you can begin to consider to improve the safety and security of people and goods.

Consider The Four Main Aspects That Need To Be Protected

In addition to adding these security measures as a deterrent, it is important to ensure that you are covering all bases. Depending on your retail outlet, you should consider potential threats to the  following to ensure you have a comprehensive retail security plan in place:



Consider The Store Layout

The final way that you can begin to improve security in-store is to consider the store layout. By moving displays around you can ensure that there are no blind spots from the cashier or CCTV cameras. You can ensure that high ticket items, as well as other items in your store, are protected on high shelves or behind the cash desk.

If you need to restrict numbers in store – particularly as a consequence of social distancing and Covid – then having a manned guard in-store can assist with access control and enforcing mask-wearing or one-way systems.

There are many ways that you can begin to limit the risk to your business with reliable retail security services. If you need help assessing what would be the most effective solution for your retail outlet, get in touch with us today and start improving security and preventing losses across your business.

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