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1st Class Protection provides a wide range of mobile security patrols for businesses and homeowners. Our mobile patrols offer complete protection for manufacturing zones, gated communities and neighbourhoods, commercial complexes, construction sites and many other large clusters of properties.

We are able to create a bespoke arrangement for mobile security patrols to monitor your area according to your specifications. You have complete control over every aspect of the mobile patrol services you require. We can arrange scheduled patrols as a visual deterrent, as well as covert patrols where discretion is required. Should you require round-the-clock security, our mobile patrol security officers can station vehicles in high-risk areas, or are able to man gates, entrances, and secured areas. In high congestion areas, we offer foot patrols in London and across the UK. For vacant or remote properties, we can carry out perimeter and property checks at specific times of the day or night as well as randomly.

With extensive experience in corporate and residential security patrols, we will carry out site visits and recommend a level of service for professional mobile patrols to meet your needs. To arrange mobile security patrols in London or across the UK, simply contact us today.


The Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols in London and the UK

Residential and commercial mobile patrols have long been recognised as a proven deterrent against criminal activities. Random police patrols are often not frequent enough and neighbourhood watch committees have neither the training nor experience to effectively deal with potential security threats in the same way as our residential security patrols. Analysis of crime statistics and trends by law enforcement agencies clearly demonstrate that the presence of uniformed and clearly signed mobile security patrols significantly lowers the risk of unlawful entry, theft, and vandalism in residential and commercial locations.

As well as acting as a visible deterrent against a range of crimes and antisocial behaviours, our responsive mobile patrol security officers have extensive policing and military backgrounds and can deescalate situations quickly and safely. Our mobile patrol units have a good working relationship with local police forces and are able to quickly seek their support when law enforcement is required. We are able to arrange foot patrols in London and across the UK, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements

Mobile Security Patrols

Our corporate and residential security patrol teams provide the following services:


Reliable Mobile Patrol Services from 1st Class Protection

Our mobile patrol guards are trained to identify and react instantly to signs of intrusion or potential threat to our clients' properties or vehicles, for example, and our working relationship with law enforcement means we can quickly seek their support, if and when required. As a result, our commercial and residential security patrol clients look forward to a safer and more secure working or living environment thanks to our mobile security patrols.

Our team are also trained in First Aid and can provide rapid first response to emergencies. We will alert the police or emergency services, but our mobile security patrols will also be there as a first response if required. Considering that police resources are becoming more and more stretched, and response times can often be delayed, this is invaluable especially with foot patrols in London and the surrounding area.

Our uniformed mobile patrol teams use vehicles with prominent amber-coloured beacon lights and bold company logos and lettering to ensure high visibility to any potential trespassers, day or night. The mobile security patrols setup is complemented by foot patrols in London and across the UK, providing an extra deterrent and enhanced vigilance. 

We are also proud to use a fleet of vehicles which have low emission engines in our mobile patrols. This is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability in our business practices, and also allows us to offer mobile security patrols in London low-emission zones.


Accredited Mobile Patrol Security Services

At 1st Class Protection, we ensure that our mobile patrol security officers receive comprehensive on and off-site training to make sure they will be able to handle any situation. Standard operating procedures are also established to create internal standards which must be adhered to. Strict patrolling guidelines are observed by all mobile security patrols in London and across the UK, and a daily log is maintained by our officers, which are reviewed regularly by team leaders and managers. Unscheduled site visits are also made to ensure compliance with our security policies.

With 1st Class Protection, you’re in safe hands. All our mobile patrol security officers hold DBS certificates and uphold the highest professional standards as mobile security patrols. As a company, we hold the following highly esteemed accreditations:


Services in Addition to Our Mobile Security Patrols

As a full-service security company, we offer a range of protections in addition to our mobile patrol security services. Our CCTV services ensure your property is monitored around the clock and in all conditions, acting as a deterrent against crime and assisting in swift recovery and prosecution where it does happen. We are also able to provide you with fully vetted, SIA approved concierge who are able to manage the entrance to your building in a professional manner as well as acting swiftly to protect residents or staff in an emergency situation.  1st Class Protection also has a network of skilled private investigators, who are able to assist with any civil matter as well, as providing counter surveillance should you be concerned that you are being tracked yourself.

To learn more about how 1st Class Protection can help build safer workplaces and neighbourhoods in your area, call us today and we will happily to provide a free no obligation quotation and discuss a security solution that will work best for you


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