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We understand that for an effective front of house or concierge service, it's not just the right skill set that's needed. There is a strong need for the right personality to provide concierge services of the highest standard at all times. It should be someone who presents the very best first impression at all times, who is engaging and personable, well-presented, and shows strength in customer relations. When deciding on proceeding with a professional front of house concierge service, you'll want to choose from the best concierge company available.

In modern society, the role of concierge is changing, covering more requirements to provide an all-round service. As security in the UK, and London in particular, is of increasingly high concern, it's more important than ever that the concierge service industry adapts. Reputable security companies that provide concierge will ensure formal security training is provided to its personnel and can seamlessly combine the traditional role of concierge with that of a security officer.

At 1st Class Protection, our luxury concierge service in London offers exactly that.

Our Concierge Service

When looking for a standard or luxury concierge service, you can rest assured you'll be provided with a fully-vetted, SIA-certified individual. Our professionally-trained security officers are suitable for both corporate and residential secuirty concierge services in London. As with any reputable concierge company, our prime concern is to always secure the premises. This is to provide peace of mind for staff, visitors and residents alike. However, there are many other tasks in addition to this that our staff are trained to handle. This is all to ensure you have plenty of options which we provide as part of our value-added, complimentary service. You can find our full list of other security services that we can help provide, including manned guarding and mobile patrol

Our London concierge services provide much more than just a Front of House presence. All our concierge company staff go through an intensive training programme at our in-house Training Academy. They are fully equipped to ensure the building they are stationed at is safe from the threat of violence, theft or vandalism. Our concierge services for the wealthy and business owners ensure the safety of equipment and belongings that are of high value. Plus, we ensure people will feel as secure and safe in their offices or homes as possible.

Part of both our concierge service and our hotel security in London involves securing available exit and entry points. This is where we will also greet staff and visitors, monitor CCTV camera systems, direct and log visitors and turn away anyone who is deemed suspicious. We will also gently, but assertively, enforce conduct and building codes, such as helping with noise control. The concierge service industry has had to adapt to achieve all of this, offering clients both commercial and residential the assurance that the staff they have employed are completely up to the task. We understand more than most that to provide a luxury concierge service, you need the very best levels of training and stringent staff requirements. You can find out about the various accreditations 1st Class Protection and its staff follow here on the site. For more insight into what sectors we have worked with, including corporate security and security in schools, read through our case studies for a first-hand experience.

Meet and Greet Concierge Service in London

Our Meet and Greet' service is perfect for those who might feel unsafe arriving early in the morning at the office or arriving home late at night. For example, we can arrange one of our trusted security officers to meet you at your place of work, property or car. They will then accompany you to the door, having already scanned and secured the area before your employee's arrival, you can read more in-depth about our car park security that can be offered in a bespoke package with concierge services. In our experience, this practice significantly reduces the chance of falling victim to a personal crime.

Our concierge service in London will also inform those whose vehicles they have checked are found to be unlocked and unsecured. This is just one of many reasons why our concierge company is one of the top-rated in the UK, providing an unprecedented concierge service in London. Whether you need concierge services for the wealthy, larger company, or a smaller but still vital business, at 1st Class Protection we have the know-how and trust to provide it.

Value-Added Concierge Services

As an additional service, our concierge staff will routinely inspect all the facilities inside the property, advising the building management wherever necessary of any repair work that needs undertaking. These tasks can range from fixing faulty lifts, cracked pavements or windows, replacing light bulbs, or any other similar manual tasks. We aim to help avoid Health and Safety breaches by doing so, improving the time of repairs, which might otherwise go unreported for days or even weeks.

Whilst these safety and security measures are our prime concern, it's also a pleasure for us to provide complimentary personalised services, such as receiving food deliveries, packages, or dry cleaning, making restaurant reservations or booking cabs, and other duties similar to these as per the client's request. At 1st Class Protection, nothing is too much trouble for our skilled security staff. Remember, if you have any specific requirements, all you need to do is ask by clicking request a quote today.

If you would like a no-obligation complimentary consultation to discuss how you could benefit from our reliable and professional concierge service in London, then give us a call today and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Are Your Security Officers Experienced in Concierge Services?

Every member of our security officer team is chosen and trained up to the very high standards we expect. To offer you a world-class experience, we feel it's only correct to provide world-class staff, with many of our security officers heavily experienced in the field. Primarily we recruit security staff who have a military and policing background, all hand-picked to ensure our ethos is maintained. Find out more about how our staff have been received by reading the numerous positive testimonials our clients have been kind enough to leave.

What Accreditations do 1st Class Protection Have?

We have numerous accreditations that we are proud to hold and be a part of. This includes all our staff having a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approval, making us an approved contractor for the provision of security guarding. This puts 1st Class Protection in the top 5% of all SIA approved contractors, making us stand out as a leader within the concierge service industry. We are proud to offer a fully comprehensive security service and are happy to receive suggestions if you have a particular service you require. As well as the SIA, we follow the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) guidelines to uphold GDPR rules and we are accredited by the Community Security Trust (CST), working alongside them to provide comprehensive security training and knowledge.

What Sectors Do You Cover for Concierge Services in London?

We provide a front-of-house concierge service for companies in both the corporate and private sectors, with our security officers fully trained and adaptable to any work environment in which they are placed. Whatever the requirements you need, we can ensure our security officers will meet them, all you have to do is ask. If you're looking for something away from these sectors, we have extensive coverage within the concierge and healthcare protection sector, providing reception duties and customer services amongst hospital and clinic safety and security. Our construction site security with concierge services will enable your site to stay as secure and safe as possible, ensure all industrial areas are kept to the highest standards. As well as this, we can even provide educational facility services, ensuring staff and pupils are protected with manned guarding, reception duties that include employee and visitor screening, as well as parking management and enforcement. We offer concierge services for the wealthy or those who just want to feel safer in their building. There's more to our concierge and security services than meets the eye; find out more today by contacting us.

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