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We value each of our employees and want to hear from you. Please use this page as an opportunity to voice your thoughts or concerns. We promise to listen and consider your ideas so that we are always making improvements.

If you would like feedback, just leave us a contact email with your message. Or if you prefer to remain anonymous, we understand, and would still appreciate your comments.

Employee of the month

To acknowledge the dedication of our staff members and our appreciation for all their hard work, we have initiated an ‘Employee of the Month’ award. Each month, on the recommendation of our managers and clients, at least one staff member will receive this coveted title, as well as a salary bonus, as a small token of our gratitude.

If you would like to nominate one of your guards for Employee of the Month, simply email us at: with their name and why you feel they are doing such a fantastic job.

Marina Antalovschi - May 2018

Marina works tirelessly, helping to secure one of our school sites. She is a true professional, showing great initiative and flexibility and we both recognise and appreciate her loyalty.

Marius Bacunic - June 2018

We are very impressed by Marius's professionalism and loyalty. Both clients and management are immensely happy with his performance and we thank Marius for another month of exemplary work.

Dzhuneyt Kambesh - July 2018

Dzhuneyt is a fantastic security officer. He is responsible, friendly, organised and patient and has a wonderful relationship with customers and colleagues. A very deserving Employee of the Month!

Mihaly Iszovics - August 2018

Mihaly is an incredibly responsible and honest person. He is always proactive, hard-working and loyal and we are proud to have him as part of the team.

Tiago Sousa - September 2018

Tiago Sousa always shows great professionalism and is a highly responsible security officer. His high level of service is exemplary and we congratulate and thank him for his dedication.

Marius Kirsinas - October 2018

Marius always has a smile on his face. He is a very responsible, welcoming and friendly person, who works brilliantly as a key member of his team and is highly respected by his colleagues.

Richard Baran - November 2018

Keren nursery have nominated Richard to show appreciation for his professional, friendly approach and genuine desire to protect staff and children; a respectful, highly-valued ‘gem’ of a gentleman.

Daniel Chircu - December 2018

Daniel is incredibly hard-working. He does his job professionally and always comes to work with a great attitude. We are very appreciative of his consistent, dedicated service.

Valentin Saraku - December 2018

Valentin is a highly professional and responsible security officer. He always shows flexibility and is helpful in assisting his colleagues and customers whenever possible.

Arunas Bagdonas - January 2019

Arunas is a punctual, hard-working and extremely responsible person. He is respected by colleagues and customers, is well-presented and comes to work with a smile on his face.

Piermichele Meomartino - January 2019

Piermichele is exceptionally professional. He always has a positive attitude towards his job, colleagues and clients. He also works well under pressure, whilst always remaining friendly and upbeat.

Carlos da Silva - February 2019

Carlos has worked with us since we began. We are incredibly grateful for his hard work and dedication through the years. He is a loyal team member who we trust implicitly. Thank you, Carlos!

Daniel Chioculet - February 2019

Daniel leads one of our school security teams. He is punctual, responsible and extremely dedicated to his job. We are extremely proud and thankful for the wonderful job that he does.

Tamas Kajom - March 2019

Tamas is a highly reliable guard, who is confident in doing his job to an impressive standard. A very responsible and hard-working individual, who puts maximum effort into all he does.

Rustam Garaev - March 2019

In only a short time with the company, Rustam has shown himself to be an excellent guard. A punctual, reliable and all-round quality guard who deserves this recognition as Employee of the Month.

Robert Merghiescu - April 2019

Robert is a highly valued team member. Nominated by our client this month, he is always considerate, polite, alert and willing to help, providing a consistently great service - always with a smile!

Federico Ferrando - April 2019

Federico is an experienced and highly professional security guard. Reliable, polite and well-mannered, he always provides an outstanding service and is a greatly valued member of our team.

Iulian Avram - May 2019

Iulian is a highly professional, well-presented and responsible security officer. We truly appreciate his caring and friendly personality and thank him for all his hard work.

Teodor Teofil Crisco - May 2019

Teodor is a very punctual and responsible person who exhibits a great level of competency in all areas of his job. Congratulations, Teodor! Thank you for another month's dedication and hard work.

Eugene Stamate - June 2019

Eugene works tirelessly and always has a positive attitude to work. In only a short time at the company he has already shown himself to be flexible, reliable and an all-round quality guard.

Piotr Jablonowski - June 2019

Piotr is a quality security guard with great character. He is quick to react and always focused on the job at hand. Thank you, Piotr, for the excellent job you do!

Zoran Krsmonovikj - July 2019

Congratulations to Zoran for being an all-round excellent guard and fully deserving of this month's award. Thank you for your dedication, hard work and exemplary performance - it is much appreciated.

Gergo Granicz - July 2019

Gergo is a popular member of the team amongst colleagues and at his location. He is hard-working, conscientious and displays a great deal of integrity. We are proud to have him at 1st Class!

Tamas Zatyko - August 2019

Tamas is a fantastic guard. Hard-working, always happy to help out and a true team-player, he displays all the necessary qualities of a top guard. Well done, Tamas!

Tamas Mihalyfi - August 2019

Tamas is a polite, engaging and friendly guard with colleagues and clients. He can always be relied on to be punctual and hardworking and we truly appreciate his effort and contribution to the team.

Ronen Dekel - September 2019

Ronen is a highly capable security professional, who is much valued by the 1st Class team. He has a great work ethic and takes pride in always delivering to the best of his ability. Congratulations!

Julius Kenstavicius - September 2019

Always friendly and polite, Julius is much respected by colleagues and clients. His hard-working nature and professionalism make him a worthy recipient of this award.

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