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As a London homeowner or resident of a high-value property, you may be under particular threat from would-be vandals, burglars, or intruders. If you have a family residing at the address, it can be an additional worry and avoiding a break-in, especially with family at home, would be of paramount importance.

1st Class Protection is one of the top security companies provides high-level private residential security services in and around London. Our protection services are tailored according to the individual needs of our clients: we take time to understand the level of involvement and expectations required. What is more, our professional and experienced security guards are always effective and discreet, providing unrivalled private residential security protection from potential security threats.

Our Private Residential Security Service

Our Residential Security Staff

Our highly-trained residential security staff hold an SIA licence, have Armed Forces and/or law enforcement experience and are First Aid trained, providing you with the optimum reassurance that you are receiving the best possible protection. All our guards undergo an in-house comprehensive training programme at our Training Academy so that they are fully equipped to manage the variety of residential security threats that could occur at home.
Apart from qualifications and experience, we also think it important to recruit on the basis of personality and the ability to work well with the general public. It is particularly important in this area of residential security that guards are polite, personable, approachable, and discreet so that the individuals or families with which they work feel comfortable, especially if there are children at home. 


Our Approach to Residential Security in London

Our security officers employ a multidisciplinary approach to detect, contain, and neutralise threats before they occur, providing comprehensive residential security services. This level of efficiency is achieved by studiously evaluating the location and surrounding environment. Our approach demands strict organisation and planning; we coordinate with law enforcement and venue owners, for example, to mitigate potential risks so that the client can focus on enjoying their time in public or relax at home without fear or stress.
Each bespoke solution for residential security in London employs a range of protective measures.
Such measures include:
* Manned Guarding
* Residential patrols 
* Advanced residential alarm systems 
* Professional drivers
* Secured transport 
* CCTV monitoring residential security systems
* X-ray machines to scan post and packages.

Bespoke Residential Security Services

We tailor our approach to providing 1st class residential security in London depending on your preferred focus. Whether you want the latest residential security systems installed that include reliable residential alarm systems and CCTV surveillance, or you prefer to have a heavier manned guarding or mobile patrol presence to act as a deterrent from would-be threats, we help to bring this together to provide the exact private residential security you have in mind. 

The team here at 1st Class Protection can ensure that whatever your requirements for residential security services, we can work hard to accommodate your needs. Whether you are away on vacation and want to ensure that your property is secure, or you are working away from home and want to ensure your family are protected during the days and evenings, we have the expertise and services readily available. We even offer bespoke cleaning services in London for corporate or residential environments.

If you would like to discuss our private residential security services further and how they can benefit you and your family, please give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions and suggest a combination of measures that would best protect you and your loved ones.

Private Residential Security Services FAQs

What Does Your Residential Security Systems Provide?

We know it’s important when choosing bespoke residential security systems that your expectations are met. That’s why we tailor to your requirements rather than provide a general approach, with each of our clients requiring something different to the next. Whether you want car park security or even a concierge service to be included in your secuirty package, we will help you. What you can expect from our residential security systems are the latest advancements in technology to help keep your residential property secure. Our surveillance and CCTV are state-of-the-art providing high-resolution video feeds and specialised configurations including night vision and motion sensors and we can help integrate our systems into any existing smart home technology you may have installed already.

Can I Choose the Private Residential Security Staff for my Requirements?

We ensure that the security staff we hire will be the right fit for residential security in London specifically and as per your requirements. We set a very high standard for the security personnel that work for us, ensuring that their experience and background matches the level we require to maintain a world-class service. Our security staff have experience in a range of sectors, including retail security, event security, and we even supply private investigator in London. We always allocate private residential secuirty staff that have experience in your sector.

During your consultation with us, we can determine the security personnel that are best suited to provide private residential security and make recommendations, helping you determine the right fit. Any one of our security personnel is capable of fulfilling the role required for comprehensive residential security, so you’ll rest assured that our rigorous screening, recruitment, and training will present only the best personnel for you. With all guards being Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved, we can help you make the right choice.

Why Should I Choose 1st Class Protection for Residential Security Services?

Our passion for providing security services and our experience of working almost exclusively in the capital, make us a leading choice for residential security in London. From the highly experienced and personable security staff to our advanced residential alarm systems and CCTV surveillance, we have the people and equipment to ensure your safety is the highest priority. We have provided clients with residential security services that have made a difference in their lives. Our security and office-based teams work hard with our clients to carefully plan and create bespoke security solutions that protect them and their assets. Our professional team also offer bespoke packages for construction site security, security in schoolshealthcare protection, and much more, so whatever you require, we will help.

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