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Manned Guarding Services in London

There is no greater deterrent for would-be criminals than the physical presence of a highly trained security guard. That is why manned guarding security services are often at the core of any effective security solution. Whether you are looking to protect your home or complex of apartments, place of work, school or college, assets, colleagues, family or yourself, there is no greater peace of mind than having manned guarding services. Knowing that trusted professionals are working tirelessly to anticipate, prevent and manage any potential threats that may occur will leave you feeling safe and secure. Our manned guarding security officers are some of the most highly trained and vigilant individuals you will find in the security sector today and can offer a fully comprehensive manned guarding security service to match your requirements.

Our commitment to professionalism and service excellence in manned guarding ensures we hire the best security officers to protect your property, assets, and interests, delivering a premium solution. Please find out more below and discuss your requirements for manned guarding London security services with our team today

London Manned/Security Guarding Service

Manned Guarding London Security - Our Guards

At 1st Class Protection, we are proud to deploy manned guarding security officers and company guards, who come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to guard and protect a location and the people on site. Many of our company guards come from an Armed Forces and Policing background. All our manned security guards are inducted into the company by undertaking an intensive training programme at our Training Academy. This includes self-defence lessons and how to manage security breaches and threatening scenarios as discreetly and effectively as possible. Those in the industry revere our training programme, so much so that we regularly receive requests to train guards outside of our company to provide the very best of manned guarding services in London.

All our security guards hold the accredited SIA licence and undergo a DBS check before joining our manned guarding team. Furthermore, they are First Aid trained to respond to emergencies before the ambulance or police arrive. This is particularly reassuring, considering that London traffic can often delay the time it takes for emergency services to arrive at a location.


Our security officers for Manned Guarding in London typically perform any combination of the following tasks as part of our manned guarding services:

Our guards are also able to assist with:


Manned Guarding London: Hire Bodyguards

As well as their skills and training, our security guards are aware of the importance of making the right impression, as representatives of both our company and of yours. We employ security guards who are personable, presentable and who are passionate about security and protecting people.

If you would like to discuss how you can benefit from a security solution that includes Manned Guarding in London, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your options with you and provide a complimentary quotation based on your bespoke package.


Manned Guarding London Security FAQs

What Sectors Can I Hire Bodyguards In London & Manned Guarding for?

Our manned guarding London security service is ideal for many different sectors. You can hire bodyguards in London and company guards for corporate and hospitality environments where premium service is required to protect staff, assets, and the public. You may require manned guarding services for a Construction, Residential or School environment, where facilities, staff and those that visit can all feel safe with the security provisions in place. Because of their versatility, our manned guarding security officers will provide much more than just a presence to deter would-be criminals and those who wish to cause unrest. Their tailored approach ensures they can fit into your current environment and seamlessly adapt to your own unique company and work culture. If you require one-to-one, VIP level security, then be sure to read about our close protection service.


How Can Your Manned Guarding Officers Help with Customer Service?

Our manned guarding security services ensure the right person is chosen for the brief, matching the best company guards for your needs. If you require our manned guarding security officers to provide customer service, we will ensure the security officers sent to you have the relevant background, personality, and experience. We understand the modern role of a security officer goes above and beyond the traditional role, requiring a comprehensive, all-round skillset. Whether it’s providing ‘Meet and Greet’ at an entrance to a building or manning a reception area, including answering the phone and general concierge services, our guards can help.


What Other Accreditation Does Your Manned Guarding Services Have?

We are proud to be in the top 5% of all Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractors for the provision of security guarding. As well as having this SIA accreditation, we have trained our guards within Action Counters Terrorism (formerly Project Griffin) guidelines for counter-terrorism and the prevention of crime, working alongside the police to be expertly prepared for terror-related incidents. We are also accredited by the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), recognised as adequately managing health and safety with our experience, ability and resources. These are just some of the accreditations we hold at 1st Class Protection and indicate how reliable our company and services are.

Should you want to know more about our manned guarding security service, get in touch with us today.

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