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Apartment Living: Safety in Numbers

Living in an apartment unit provides a unique opportunity to work with your neighbours to ensure the safety and protection of all residents. The Met Police has published some excellent advice, specific to those living in apartment blocks, which we believe would be useful to share.

Outside Protection 

Check that your managing agent or landlord trims shrubs and any planting. Overgrown plants and trees can obscure someone from view or interfere with lighting or CCTV.

Be aware of any lights that need replacing and inform your managing agent or landlord know so that it is fixed immediately. Keep areas for bins or sheds and other covered areas locked and secured. These spaces can attract loitering and invite antisocial behaviour, especially at night.


Post boxes are often targeted by criminals. Ideally, they should be situated in a secure lobby area and be lockable to prevent your mail being intercepted.


Ensure that you close and lock windows every time you leave your apartment. This is especially important for those living on the ground floor.

Front door

Your communal door is only effective if it is closed and secure. Always remember to check that it has locked behind you. If it doesn’t, then report it to management or your landlord so it can be repaired as soon as possible.

Never buzz anyone in that you don’t know – even if they claim they are expected by one of your neighbours. Be careful not to let them follow you in.

The police recommend an audio and video entry system for your communal door,; then residents both can see and talk to a visitor before allowing them in. A robust, security accredited door is ideal It should be fitted with a self-closing arm and two magnetic locks at the top and bottom, linked to the fire alarm system and have an electronic access control operated by a key fob.

Your communal doors should automatically open and remain open in the event of a fire. However, they should also be fitted with buttons or handles that allow you to override this manually if required.

Key fobs

For increased security at communal entrances, it is a good idea to have personalised key fobs to track those leaving or entering the building. Residents can share the expense or, if properties are rented, then you can ask the landlord, and explain the benefit to them.

Concierge security

Concierge / Manned Guarding

There is no substitute for having a visual deterrence in the lobby of your block: someone who will challenge unfamiliar faces and refuse access for those seeking disturbance.  It is for this reason, many who reside in apartments are choosing to instate a concierge and/or security guard.

If your concierge has security training, this adds an extra level of comfort and peace of mind, knowing that they have a trained security professional to oversee the protection of the block, spot and report maintenance issues quickly and account for all people on site.

At 1st Class Protection, residents benefit from an additional ‘Meet and Greet’ Service, where the guard/concierge will escort the resident to and from the building. This is especially attractive for older or vulnerable residents or areas prone to anti-social or violent behavior.

If you would be interested in a complimentary quotation for a residential guard or concierge at your apartment block, contact 1st Class Protection. We will be happy to talk your through the service and how it can help bring the utmost peace of mind to you and your apartment community.

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