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Schools and other educational establishments face a great number of external and internal threats, which can be a worry for not only those on site but for parents, families and the wider community. Whether it be the threat of intrusion, violence or the potential to bring illegal substances or other banned items on site, to name a few examples, it is certain that without a well-coordinated security presence there will always be the potential for catastrophe.

It is therefore becoming increasingly common that educational establishments seek help from professional security firms when securing their site and, most importantly, safeguarding the young people who visit it daily.

Security service for schools, colleges and universities.

When ensuring the security in schools, colleges and universities, there are a number of important criteria that our officers must meet.

All of our security guards, many of whom have worked in the Armed Forces, are thoroughly vetted and screened according to British Standards including Enhanced DBS checks. Before being assigned to schools, they also undergo rigorous in-house training to ensure that they have an in-depth understanding of the likely threats they will face and that they know how to respond accordingly.

It is also important that guards are personable, approachable and willing to integrate into the life of the school or college, especially if they are working with young children. We take care to assign guards based on personality as much as experience in such cases and our guards consequently become a valued member of the client’s team as well as our own.

How do we ensure security in schools, colleges and universities?
Our security officers are trained to carry out any or all of the following:
* Reception duties (including employee and visitor screening)
* Customer services
* Package screening (x-ray scans)
* Maintaining visitors and suppliers’ log
* Manned guarding
* Quickly and effectively managing suspicious activities around the perimeter
* Entry and access control
* CCTV monitoring
* Parking management and enforcement
* Inner and outer perimeter patrols
* Conducting fire alarm and evacuation tests
* Responding and managing emergency situations – evacuation, invacuation, etc.
* Post and delivery management, including identifying suspicious packages without X-ray scanners
* Search procedures (if and when required) – human, bag, vehicle, etc.
* Incident reporting and writing
* First Aid

A solution tailored to you
Once an enquiry is received from a school or college, we immediately conduct a preliminary on-site risk analysis to assess the location’s current level of security and any possible threats. Thereafter, we consult with you to design a personalised security solution tailored to the school’s budget that will instantly enhance the safety of everyone on site.

As the police do not have the manpower to adequately ensure the safety of all students in schools and colleges at all times, it is of increasing importance that alternative security solutions are found so that students can learn in a secure and safe environment. 1st Class Protection officers have the technical, theoretical and practical experience to ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors on site. 

If you would like to learn more about how 1st Class Protection can improve the security in your school, college or university, give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss a solution that would work best for you as well as provide you with a complimentary quotation. 

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