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Corporate Security: The Business of Keeping Staff and Clients Safe

Providing a safe and secure environment is a top priority for most businesses. Companies need to promote security so that staff and client welfare - as well as ensuring a safe environment - becomes common practice. In doing this, you are not only instilling confidence in your employees but in your prospective and current clients.

The Benefits of Safety Protocols

When you put in the time and effort to make sure your employees and customers are safe, it does not go unnoticed. Not only do employees feel secure at work, but they also feel valued as human beings. From small steps to complex security hardware or stationing of manned guards, these measures will show that you are proactive about security and that you care about your staff and clients’ welfare.

The Cost Factor

Many employers think that professional security is an expensive option. However, this isn’t always the case. Security can be improved in small, cost-effective ways; for example, by simply providing people with name badges or ID lanyards or by distributing key cards to allow them to gain access to the building or even specific areas inside the building.

Of course there are many levels of security and you will know as a business owner, how extensive a security plan your business requires. But it is worth considering what measures are affordable to balance safety, staff morale and company image with the financial aspect.

risk assessment brainstorming
Perform a Risk Assessment

Before you can improve security in your business, you need to establish where it might be compromised. You should create a list of any potential problems. Once this list is created, divide it up into sections that include:

* Emergencies that might require your employees and clients to evacuate

* Risks posed by criminal attackers

* Any work that takes an employee out of the office

Alternatively, you could hire an outside professional, who is trained and experienced in assessing the risks. Often, security companies will offer this as a complimentary service so it is certainly worth investigating.

Prevention is Key

Completing an audit will help encourage your employees to be more conscious of their safety. Think about implementing a sign-in form, introducing employee escorts for visitors, and providing ID tags. You could even install a security-trained concierge or opt for surveillance cameras.

If your corporate property is spread out over a number of buildings or is located in a remote area, then installing cameras would be an excellent idea. Cameras should be focused on entrances, parking areas, lobbies, and garages. You might install number plate recognition software or place trained security guards at key entrance points to control access.

There are many ways in which you can improve safety at your corporation. Whatever you decide, establishing a safe and secure workplace, particularly in today’s climate, makes good business sense.

To find out more about the benefits of hiring fully-vetted and well-trained security personnel or for a complimentary risk assessment and quotation, 1st Class Protection are leading the way in corporate security. From manned guarding to security-trained concierge, find out how your business could benefit from our services.

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