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How to Improve Gated Community Safety

There are many benefits to living in a gated community from slower vehicle speeds to an integrated lifestyle, but perhaps one of the most appealing benefits is that they are a safe and secure environment.

Of course, the gate itself acts as a deterrent from criminals looking to break-in or thieve, but there’s also an expectation of gated security systems, including CCTV and gated community access control, only letting residents and invited guests into the community.

Although gated communities can never guarantee there will be no crime, gated communities greatly reduce criminal activities. If you manage gated community safety, here are the top ways to improve security.

Gated Community Access Control Systems

One of the largest expectations of gated community safety is that unauthorized people cannot enter the gated area. When you work with security companies to improve your gated community access control systems, they will provide bespoke recommendations based on the number of entry points, community population and your preferences.

There are many different gated community access control systems available. Some communities provide a unique code for residents to use on a keypad at the entrance points, whilst others use license plate recognition. Around the clock, gate attendants are great for ensuring that operations run smoothly and checking in expected guests.

24/7 Security and Mobile Patrols

Trained security guards should be stationed around your gated community to not only control access of the entry/exit points but to be on hand whenever an incident may occur. Residents will feel reassured knowing if anything was to happen, there are trained and professional personnel nearby ready to respond quickly.

Having trained security guards randomly patrolling the gated community is a great crime deterrent and will help the residents feel safe in their homes, especially at night. Security guards will notice any unusual activity and take action if necessary.

Great Communication with Security Guards

The residents of a gated community should feel like they trust the onsite security personnel and will be comfortable approaching them with any problems or concerns. By using a trusted security company such as 1st Class Protection, you’re can feel comfortable that each member will adhere to the standards of the company, and always maintain a professional and friendly approach to their work.

Reliable CCTV Camera Systems

Gated community security systems should involve a comprehensive CCTV installation. Security guards stationed in the gated community will easily be able to spot any suspicious behaviour whilst monitoring all activity and controlling access points. In the event where an incident does occur, there will be instant evidence available. At 1st Class Protection, each of our security guards is trained to monitor and review CCTV camera footage, reacting decisively when spotting unusual activity.

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