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How to Keep Your Car Showroom Secure

The forecourt of a car showroom is the perfect place for a company to show off stock to attract new customers. However, this can also attract the wrong sort of attention from criminals looking to take advantage. 205 vehicles per day were reportedly stolen in 2020, an increase on the previous year. To prevent thieves and criminal gangs from stealing cars and valuable parts, having the right security measures in place is essential to provide a reliable deterrent and keep valuable stock absolutely secure.

Whether you have a large dealership with space for hundreds of cars, or a smaller forecourt area for a few, here are some of the ways of how to keep your car showroom secure.

Book a Site Assessment

If you are unsure of the potential ways of being targeted by thieves, arranging a site assessment can be the easiest way to highlight these to you. By hiring professionals to review your showroom and forecourt, you can quickly find out the potential for thieves to take advantage. Whether it is something as simple as doors being left unlocked or the keys to vehicles not kept securely out of sight, to needing something more permanent such as a security surveillance system, manned guarding and patrols or gated entrance, a quick assessment will uncover these issues. Here at 1st Class Protection, we can arrange a full complimentary site assessment and help you put preventative measures in place.

Identify Areas of Concern

If you’ve been the target of thieves previously, you may already know what needs to be addressed. A lack of security lighting at night or needing manned guarding to patrol the area outside of business hours, there are plenty of options that could potentially help make your site a harder target. If you have already discovered potential areas of concern and want to stop your forecourt being an attractive proposition to thieves, speaking to a professional security company like us will help guide you and implement some security strategies.

Plan Your Ideal Security Package

Once you have identified the main concerns and a full assessment of your site has been conducted, you can start to put a plan in place for your dealership’s security. At 1st Class Protection, we can help you put together a personalised security package to cover every angle. Whether it is needing CCTV installed, arranging a security guard presence, or installing stronger locks and security bollards, we can arrange the ideal security package to address your concerns.

As London’s security experts, at 1st Class Protection we have extensive industry expertise providing security services for many different sectors. Our managed security ensures your business stays protected whilst we work alongside you and your staff to ensure best practices are always in place.

Get in touch with the team today to discuss your needs for private security services and how to keep your car showroom secure. We can provide an approximate quote for a security service you have in mind, as well as arrange to visit your premises for a detailed assessment of your showroom’s current security. To find out more about how we can help your London car dealership, please view our current security services here.

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