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1st Class Protection install and maintain state-of-the-art security surveillance equipment and high resolution CCTV camera systems. We have a variety of packages available from straightforward CCTV camera installation to CCTV surveillance monitoring, as well as personal and corporate surveillance services. Our experienced team of CCTV security technicians, aided by industry specialists, will guide you at every stage, including cost analysis and planning, layout design and deployment. Plus, our CCTV security system will be designed for easy scalability to cater for your company’s growth.

As part of our comprehensive CCTV security packages, we can provide a number of provisions to ensure that your CCTV is fully operational at all times, in all areas and in all conditions. Our full range of CCTV camera systems includes specialised cameras such as night vision, bullet and fisheye, allowing you to have full coverage of CCTV surveillance throughout your home or business. When it comes to power and data cabling, we are able to suggest tamper-proof configurations and setups during CCTV camera installation for added peace of mind. Finally, we offer a choice of video and digital data storage, both on-site and off-site with full backups provided. As a full-service CCTV company, 1st Class Protection takes care of every detail for you.

CCTV security

Security Surveillance and CCTV Camera Installation

Our CCTV camera system is complemented by an access control system, tracking the movement of visitors, staff, and equipment across the premises. It also gives you the ability to restrict and more closely monitor certain areas of your home or business and receive an alert when these doors are opened for enhanced safety and security. This guarantees perfect operational and situational awareness for homeowners and businesses looking for corporate surveillance services. Door access control systems can be completed alongside your CCTV camera installation for minimal disruption. Remote security surveillance and integrated alarm systems can also be arranged by 1st Class Protection at your request.

1st Class Protection also provide experienced security personnel, who are trained to monitor and review the CCTV recordings, as well being adaptable to perform front office and concierge roles for businesses, whilst simultaneously managing entrance security. We source security personnel from policing and military backgrounds, having the personal and professional qualities necessary to provide reliable surveillance services to our clients; disciplined and trained to provide quick thinking and efficient managed security services.

In addition to CCTV camera systems and security details, we are able to arrange cleaning and caretaking duties to complement your out-of-hours building maintenance. At 1st Class Protection, we vigorously screen our staff to ensure our CCTV surveillance and total security services are among the best you'll find throughout the UK. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and have our premium security services tailored to your specifications.


Accredited CCTV Company

As well as state-of-the-art CCTV camera systems and ongoing support from our highly trained technicians and industry specialists, we offer full peace of mind to all clients, knowing that you are in the best hands with 1st Class Protection CCTV Surveillance Company. We hold the following highly esteemed accreditations for our CCTV security and surveillance services:


Comprehensive Corporate Surveillance Services

1st Class Protection CCTV Surveillance Security Guard Checking Monitors

Our CCTV security services include:


Why Choose CCTV Surveillance?

CCTV camera systems have been proven to be a reliable deterrent against vandalism, theft, assault, and other crimes. Over the years, multiple studies have concluded that the presence of CCTV is capable of reducing crime by between 7 and 51 percent. Even when CCTV fails to deter a crime, such a system obviously provides a visual recording of the act, which greatly assists police investigators in apprehending a criminal. This is why it is such a reliable, necessary security option for so many individuals and businesses looking to protect themselves and their valuable assets.


1st Class Protection Surveillance Services

Our CCTV surveillance company provides total security services within a wide range of sectors, currently operating within the following industries:

Whatever your needs, our CCTV surveillance company can provide a personalised CCTV solution to best protect your business or your home. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can make CCTV part of your security plan.


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