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1st Class Protection provides high resolution CCTV and state-of-the-art security surveillance equipment, installation and maintenance for our clients. Our team of experienced technicians, aided by our industry specialists, will guide you at every step of the process, from planning and cost analysis to layout design and deployment. Our CCTV system will also be designed for easy scalability to meet your company’s growth.

Our reliable surveillance system is complemented by an access control system to track the movements of employees, visitors and equipment within the premise, which guarantees perfect operational and situational awareness for businesses and homeowners. We also provide the option of experienced security personnel to monitor and audit CCTV recordings, as well as front office or entrance security management. Our CCTV services also include the option of integrated alarm systems and remote security surveillance. CCTV Surveillance

Our full range of CCTV services includes:

* CCTV Installation
* Planning and Consultation
* Specialised Camera (night vision cameras, fisheye cameras, bullet cameras, etc.)
* Structured Cabling (data and power)
* Door Access Control Systems Installation 
* Security Gates (video and audio entry system)
* Intercom System
* Smart Home Integration
* Intruder Alarms
* Wireless Alarms
* Video/Digital Data Storage

CCTV has proven to be a powerful deterrent against theft, assault, vandalism and other crimes. Multiple studies conducted over the years have found that the presence of CCTV cameras is capable of reducing crime rates by between 7 percent and 51 percent, depending on the location. Even when it fails to deter a crime, a CCTV system can provide visual recording of the act which would greatly assist the police in apprehending the perpetrator. This makes it a reliable security option for many businesses and individuals looking to protect their assets or themselves.

Whatever your needs are, 1st Class Protection can provide a customised CCTV solution that will protect your home and business. Give us a call today for a complimentary quotation and discussion about how we can make CCTV part of your security plan.

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