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New SIA Security Training: What to Look for in Security Guards

When hiring security guards, you’re trusting them with your safety, the safety of others and your property, so of course, there are certain things you must look for when choosing the security guards you employ. Below, we look at the must-have qualities and qualifications to look for.

SIA Approved Security

The most important thing to ask is ‘do you have a license?’ A trusted security guard must hold an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence that shows they meet the regulated standards for working in the security industry. When employing security, make sure they are SIA accredited, and the SIA security training is in date, as they have recently announced a compulsory top-up training scheme.

The SIA security training top-up has been bought into play so that existing SIA license holders have the same knowledge as new applicants. The news was announced in September 2020 that the SIA will be launching a public consultation regarding the new training requirements and that from October 2021, all security guards and door supervisors will need to complete the new training in order to renew their licence. Tony Holyland, Head of Quality and Standard for the SIA, explained the reasoning for the updated SIA security training on the SIA website.

"The new licence-linked qualifications will better equip operatives to work in the private security industry. They reflect what we have learned from extensive industry consultation and engagement.

By introducing this top-up training we will be bringing the skills of existing licence holders up to date. 

Our aim is to improve the basic skills, knowledge, and understanding of security operatives so that they can do their jobs more effectively. This will help to improve community safety and to protect the public in the UK. A key element of our role as the regulator is to work with the industry to raise standards in private security. The new requirements will help achieve this."

When trusting your safety and security, you should only work with people who are committed to developing their skills with the new SIA requirements. At 1st Class Protection, we are committed to training and developing to ensure our level of security is the very best. Our team will be receiving an emergency first aid at work qualification, updated terror threat awareness and physical intervention training in accordance with SIA security training.

Personal Qualities

Security Guards have a huge responsibility, so it’s of paramount importance that they are reliable and trustworthy to provide you with peace of mind regarding the safety of you, others and your property. Not only do they need to be physically capable of providing professional security, but they also must show personal qualities including trust, honesty and integrity. You will also need to rely on your security guards to have impeccable standards of vigilance and observation, trusting that they will spot any suspicious activities before any incidents arise. When you hire professional security guards, you will need them to have excellent communication skills, keeping you in the loop at all time and reporting any alarming behaviour immediately to the appropriate people.

Reviews and Client Testimonials

When searching for a security guard, do your research. The most trusted information can come from first-hand experience with people using the same security guards so be sure to read any news stories or reviews online before you take the plunge and commit to employing any security guards. At 1st Class Protection, we’re proud to have worked with a huge client base that has been more than happy with the service they have received. You can read some of the client testimonials on our website to find out more.

Speak to the Team

One of the best things to do when you’re looking for security guards is to get in touch with the team and judge how they act. If they are nothing but informative, reassuring and professional, then you will immediately know not to look elsewhere. At 1st Class Protection, we’re committed to providing a professional and expert service from the moment a client enquiries about our services, so contact our team today to learn more about how our security services can benefit you.


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