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Secure Your Office With A Professional Security Service: How Can Your Return To The Office Be Made M

When running a business, the safety of your employees is one of the most important factors to be considered, particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic. But with so many different options out there for you to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate and find the right office security service for you.

Implement ID Badges For Employees And Visitors

There are several ways that you can begin to increase the security within your office space but the implementation of ID badges for both employees and visitors is a great place to start. Whether this is an ID card to show to the guards outside of the office, scanned at an electronic access gate or a form of ID to be worn at all times, this will ensure that you have constant knowledge of who is in the building thus reducing the risk of security threats from those not authorised to not be on site.

Whilst this simple office security option is a great start to enforce access control, it can be manipulated if an ID badge were to be lost or stolen. ID badges should always display a photo of the staff member and businesses should endeavour to couple this measure with trained security staff, who can visually check the ID and refuse access to anyone attempting to gain unlawful access.

Implement An Alarm System Within The Office

In addition to the use of ID and physical checks by way of security guards at the office, business owners can also implement an alarm system as part of an office security service to make staff’s return to the office more secure. With several office spaces either empty or having changed hands following the pandemic, it is important to make sure that the office space is secure when empty. By implementing a state-of-the-art security alarm system, you can secure the space by disallowing entry where required or access to protected areas or safes.

Furthermore, employing an alarm response and keyholding company is another stress-free way to handle this aspect, as you can trust the professional security company to take care of any alarm triggers and report their findings to you.

Generate An Emergency Plan

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been many changes to the way that we work and live our day to day lives outside of the office space. But with social distancing still in place and many adults yet to receive their vaccines, it is important to ensure you not only have a reactive plan in case of a positive Covid-19 test result but also an emergency plan in place to protect the staff and those entering and exiting of the building in cases of fire, terrorism or other security threats.

At 1st Class Protection, we can provide you with a comprehensive corporate security service that you can depend on with professional and reliable access control measures, detailed plans for evacuation andmobile patrolsboth internally and externally, which all contribute to ensuring that your office block is as secure as possible.

Lock Up Important Spaces

Another important way that you can improve office security is by making sure that all-important information is kept in a secure location behind lock and key. Regardless of whether you are keeping files in a filing cabinet or important documentation and data on a hard drive, it is important to make sure that this information is kept as secure as possible.

With a large majority of security breaches taking place via an internal staff member gaining access to information that they shouldn’t, making sure that this security measure is in place will limit the risk of a cyber-attack from inside of the corporation. Sharing passwords should be as tight as possible. Installing CCTV in restricted areas and biometric scanners will also deter and prevent data from being unlawfully accessed.

Regardless of whether you are looking for an overhaul of your corporate office security plan or you are just looking for smaller solutions to improve the safety of a small team,get in touchfor a no-obligation quotation and suggestion of how your office security can be strengthened.

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