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Top Tips to improve Warehouse Security

For many businesses, warehouses are a vital component of their operation. They can function as storage space or transport hubs, so keeping them secure is always a top priority.

Here are the most essential tips for ensuring your warehouse remains a secure environment and that your assets are fully protected.

1. Keep Accurate Records

In order to ensure that the contents of your warehouse are secure, you will need to know what those contents are. Don’t rely on manual methods to keep track of stock; instead use a digital system with barcode scanners and ensure that you put in place a process that ensures everything and everyone coming in and out of the warehouse is accurately logged.

2. Claify Procedures

Ensuring that your warehouse remains secure will ultimately be the responsibility of those who work there. It doesn’t matter how much security you install on the site: if your workers are not clear on their role in the process then they will always present a potential security weakness.

Make sure that all of your procedures are communicated clearly to your workers. Displaying reminders on posters around the site will also help ensure adherence to protocol.

3. Install Security Cameras (CCTV)

No security system is complete without this essential component. CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) will be your eyes and ears when there is no one else around. They will diligently watch whatever area you put them in and record everything that happens. You can also use motion-triggered cameras that will switch on automatically if they detect movement. Employing a security guard to oversee the footage will provide additional reassurance that all activity is as expected at all times.

4. Use Motion Detectors

Motion-sensitive security measures are some of the most effective around. The simple motion-detected light is one of the most effective security measures there is. If a would-be intruder triggers a motion light, they will be lit up for the world, and your security cameras, to see.

Warehouse security

5. Hire a Private Security Company

A private security company can provide you with trained and qualified staff who can look after your warehouse 24 hours a day. These teams aren’t as expensive as you might think, especially when you consider costs such as high-tech security solutions, damage to your goods or theft. Furthermore, insurance premiums can be dramatically reduced, as a result of having trained security operatives on site.

Security guards can secure perimeters, acting as deterrent to any unauthorised person; they can review and monitor CCTV or perform spot checks to avoid theft from the site or bringing unauthorised items on site.

Warehouses can be particularly vulnerable at night so having a guard visibly patrolling the area will make the site a harder, less attractive target for vandals and thieves.

6. Use Building Access Control

Whether it is a physical key, a keypad, biometric scanner or manned guard, you should make sure that you have some system in place for preventing unauthorised personnel from entering your warehouse.

7. Audit Regularly

You should perform regular auditing and penetration testing of your security systems. Make sure you are confident that your current security measures are adequate. Auditing will also enable you to ensure that everyone on site understands the policies and procedures in place.

8. Ensure All Entrances are Alarmed

For most warehouses there are only a few potential points of entry so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to make sure that they are all alarmed. Even if doors or gates are opened with a key, if it is out of hours, an alarm should sound and the episode should be recorded and investigated; justification must always be sought for breaking protocol, however innocent the reason may be.

9. Get a Smart System

With the right setup, you can have alerts sent from your security system to your mobile phone. This enables you to monitor your warehouse security round the clock, without it interfering with your daily life.

1st Class Protection is one example of a private security company offering security solutions to business and warehouse owners in London. If you are struggling to manage your warehouse, have fallen victim to theft or vandalism, or just want to ensure that your goods are secured in the best way possible, 1st Class Protection can help.

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