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What Is The Future Of Private Security?

The question as to what is the future of private security is something that has been fiercely debated by so many, not only in the industry, but those looking to invest in these services. As a result, several trends have begun to emerge that could suggest that the private security sector is on the brink of a huge surge. But what is the future of private security and how is it set to be impacted as a result of everything opening up following lockdown being eased?

Increased Security Surveillance Cameras

When looking at the use of private security in the past, there has been an increased reliance on newly developed technology to keep both residential and commercial properties secure. This is an increase that has been noted by The British Security Industry Association as they estimate a total of 4 – 5.9 million security cameras in operation in the UK. The number of security cameras in operation has been increasing in the last 5 years as the availability of these products has improved. It is this availability of these products and the affordable price point that has led to a surge in those investing in CCTV for their own homes as well as professional CCTV camera systems for office blocks and other commercial properties.

Reliance On Private Police Set To Increase

Another trend that has increased substantially is the use of private security as a replacement for police patrols. As the number of police officers has continued to decline as a result of Government cuts, many businesses have been opting for mobile security patrols to prevent break-ins and other crimes from taking place. Though this a preventative measure that many people are now considering, this improved manned guarding security is something that has already been seen with the likes of hotels and high-rise owners with many of them opting for the use of private concierge and manned guarding services to improve the experience for their residents and visitors.

There has also been an increase in the use of security guards and patrols for gated communities and rural areas that have minimal police coverage to help provide a solution to those asking what the future of private security is.

Private Security In The UK

Though several contributing factors can lead a company or town council to opt for private security, there is clear evidence that the reliance on these services is increasing. According to figures released by the Government in 2016, the number of private security companies employed that year at 232,000 far outweighed that of the number of front-line police officers operating in the UK. This number sat at just 106,411 in March of 2016. We would expect that the continued decline of police officers on the street in recent years would only serve to boost the private security industry and we can expect to see a reliance on manned guarding firms as long as neighbourhoods and businesses feel they are not being sufficiently protected by the police.

Technology Enabling Businesses Access To Real-Time Security Reports

The final element contributing to the ongoing question regarding the future of private security is the use of technology. Not only has this allowed for the use of CCTV cameras that are remotely operated, but it has also allowed both home and business owners to gain real-time notifications on their mobile devices. This has helped the industry significantly as live security reporting allows for any incident to be dealt with promptly and footage recovered to help your case.

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