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Why Hire A Private Security Firm?

Statistics show that crime is on the rise and that no residential or commercial building is safe from burglars and vandals including those that are equipped with the latest security systems. Criminals are not only one step ahead of policy and security system developers but they are also becoming bolder. Just a few years ago, the sight of a surveillance camera and a well-lit driveway was enough to scare away most criminals but today, these measures seem to have little effect. An increasing number of residential and business owners are therefore turning to private security firms. But how can they protect your property from burglars and vandals?

Private security firm

Each private security firm has its own approach to protection of residential and commercial properties but they usually offer either supervision of the security systems or manned guarding. Both security methods can also be used but they are hired rarely. A combination of video surveillance and manned guarding is typically used only by large firms due to the costs involved.

Security Hardware

Security systems such as burglar alarms and video surveillance have become a standard feature in both residential and commercial properties. But as mentioned earlier, the criminals are always a step ahead of the system and they easily break into your home or business without triggering a burglar alarm no matter how sophisticated it is.

Surveillance cameras are a little bit more difficult to avoid but a camera alone will not work. To be able to protect your property, you need someone to monitor the cameras. And this is where private security firms step in. They will monitor your cameras for you so that you can get some sleep without the need to worry about your property being broken into or damaged by the vandals.

Manned Guarding

Another way to protect your property is to hire manned guarding services which are an even more effective crime deterrence. This is due to the fact that they involve a physical presence of highly trained guards who make sure that everything is locked and that no one can approach your property. It is also possible to hire both on-site and off-site security services. This is quite an expensive way to keep your property safe although manned guarding services sometimes also include video surveillance for minimal or no additional cost.

The benefits of hiring a private security firm are obvious. Since most burglaries and damage to properties occur during the night when everyone is asleep, remote surveillance of your security system or/and manned guarding gives you peace of mind that trained, professional staff are looking after your property. Despite the fact that criminals are getting bolder, the sight of a security guard and a logo which reveals that the property is surveyed by a private security firm, scares away more burglars than a barking dog for instance.

Just because your property is being looked after by a private security firm, that does not necessarily mean that it's 100% burglar-proof and vandal-proof but it does minimise the risk of burglary and damage to your property.

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