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Why you’d be right to expect a concierge in your newbuild flats

Newbuilds in London have been erected at a seemingly exponential rate. In London last year, new home registrations climbed 37% to 21,726. And if you look at many of the new build, luxury apartments in London, you will most likely find that they offer a concierge service for at least 12 hours a day and up to 24 hours daily in many cases.

The thing is, new-build property, especially in London, is extremely costly. And if you are going to pay several million pounds for a two bedroom apartment in Kensington, for example, you are going to expect all the bells and whistles to go with it.

That is why a concierge service is a given for many newbuild apartment blocks in London. But why is a concierge service so sought-after?


Benefits of Hiring a Concierge

There are many benefits of hiring a concierge to man your front desk and entrance: which can largely be broken down into three areas: business, customer convenience and security.

The business of being the best

* Developers are in the business of making as much money from a project as possible. Introducing a concierge service looks good and is an added selling point to entice buyers. The inclusion of this service, further justifies a bumped up asking price for the property and, what is more, if most of their competition are offering such a service, they must match and even try to out-do their competitors.

The Personal Assistant

* Having someone home to receive or post packages or organise maintenance or workmen in your property, for example, is a luxury not everyone can afford. It allows you to be freer with your time and not restricted by having to wait in for any reason.

* There can be a range of tasks for which you might rely on your concierge, from booking transport or restaurants to organising dry cleaning or signing for packages. Your concierge is there to help save you time.

* If there should be any issue with building maintenance, it can be the concierge who makes the necessary calls to ensure problems are sorted in a timely manner.

The security bonus

* Having a body at the front desk, is a clear deterrent to anyone trying to unlawfully gain access. The concierge can question all visitors, ensure everyone is signed in and accounted for and check identification of anyone who might be there under false pretences.

* If the concierge is trained in security, they will have the knowledge of how to be vigilant and spot potential security breaches before they occur. Should any situation arise where tensions could escalate, they will be confident in diffusing such issues and restoring a peaceful residence.

* The concierge can also act as porter, checking the building as part of their routine, monitor CCTV, check alarms and fire doors, check intercoms are working and deal with any problems arising in a timely manner. In a block where common areas are shared, it can be a relief to know the concierge will handle these issues rather than relying on individual residents to spot and then rectify problems themselves.

For more information about the benefits of instating a concierge in your apartment block – whether it is a newbuild or an existing block, follow this link.

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