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How to Become a Private Security Officer

If you’re looking to begin a career in private security or as a security guard in general, there are a few things to know about first. Working in security can be different from other industries and requires someone to have the right mix of training, personality, and background experience to be successful. After all, not everyone will be up to the challenge of becoming a security officer, but for those that have set their sights on this profession, at 1st Class Protection we want to help.

Below, you will find out all you need to know if considering a career in security and what you can expect from the role of a security guard or officer. You’ll discover how to become a private security officer, what qualifications you’ll need, and what opportunities are available when qualified.

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The Role of a Private Security Officer/Guard

A security guard is employed by an organisation to protect not only physical buildings and areas, but also individuals. The role can be varied in the types of environments a security guard is needed, from clinical settings such as hospitals, to government buildings and even educational buildings such as schools. No matter where a security officer is needed, the core fundamental part of the job stays the same – to ensure safety and protect valuable assets.

Whereas public security roles involve working for services provided by the government, private security is offered by security companies that can be hired by companies to help protect their interests. The security officer roles are similar in both private and public security, with both needing the right qualifications and licences to operate.

The role itself can be more than just providing a physical presence outside or inside a building, with a security officer having more responsibilities depending on where they are needed. Officers may need to monitor CCTV equipment and alarm systems, keep logs of activity during shifts, liaise with emergency services where necessary and potentially escort individuals or trespassers from a building or area.

As the role can be varied and involves the protection of the public, the role requires specific qualifications and checks depending on what the job involves. When companies look to hire a private security firm to provide security guards, they will want to see the required skills and knowledge has been gained to work as safely and competently as possible, as the role can involve working unsupervised and working alone at unsociable hours.

How do you Become a Private Security Guard?

The main qualification required is a Security Industry Alliance (SIA) licence. This is essential to ensure security officers are working legally in the UK if they are employed by a private security company. At 1st Class Protection, we ensure all employed security officers have this qualification and provide training towards this before being deployed. To get an SIA licence, a licence-linked qualification is required, so we provide the necessary training to enable our security officers to apply and receive their licence.

Alongside the all-important SIA licence, this isn’t the only consideration those wanting to know how to become a private security guard need to make. You’ll also need to consider the following:

The role of a security officer can be hugely rewarding for the right person that has the skills and personality to succeed and can involve manned guarding to residential and mobile patrols. If you have many of the skills and experience mentioned on how to become a private security guard, it could be the career for you.

Security Services at 1st Class Protection

As a leading security services provider in London, we can offer a variety of solutions for companies looking to ensure safety and protection. When we hire security officers, we have to maintain our high level of service, so we always seek personnel who can provide the service our clients demand.

One of the reasons we provide training in the role is to ensure we have a team that can deliver exceptional service no matter the environment they are in, whether it's providing healthcare security or a corporate security role.

To find out more about careers at 1st Class Protections or our services, please contact us today.

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