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How Can Security Be Improved In The Workplace: 5 Ways To Ensure Safety At Work

What is workplace security?

Both employees and employers want to feel secure at work, therefore it’s key to research how to improve security in the workplace and establish measures or a workplace security plan. These measures should outline to every person within the organisation how the workplace can ensure the safety of its employees, their belongings and the working environment.

It’s an unfortunate truth that there are threats to workplace security on a day-to-day basis, from disgruntled employees to working with dangerous materials. When faced with these things, it can feel like a daunting task to guarantee a fully secure workplace. However, making improvements doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process.

How can security be improved in the workplace?

By following the five steps on how to improve security in the workplace, as highlighted in this blog, you will significantly refine the safety of your organisation, which can lead to better results, boosted morale and cost savings.

1. Provide training for your employees

A set of workplace security measures is only as good as the employees that use them, so make sure that your staff have the correct training. This should include a comprehensive course for new members of staff and shorter refresher courses for current employees.

Depending on the type of organisation, the staff should have a basic understanding of security procedures and measures, such as cash handling, the location of emergency exits or how to report suspicious activity. Senior level staff or supervisors should also have a higher knowledge of workplace security and may need to be trained in more complex procedures, such as how to close the building or how to access the surveillance tools.

2. Invest in security cameras

An organisation shouldn’t wait until after a break-in to invest in security cameras. Stay one step ahead of criminal activity by investing as soon as possible to improve security in the workplace.

You’ll be able to work with 1st Class Protection Limited to find the best spots on your building or within your organisation to install a camera system, but it’s recommended that you position them around entrances, exits and areas that may be open to external visitors, such as loading bays.

3. Account for all guests with ID or an escort

Guests and visitors are a regular occurrence in many workplaces, whether they are clients or prospective employees. A simple way to enhance your organisation’s security is to account for every person that is coming in and out of the building, and this can be done with a monitored guestbook, access control via identification badges and a security concierge officer or a personal escort for each visitor.

Having a system that checks each person in and out will deter criminals from attempting to walk into the building undetected, whilst helping you keep tabs on who is visiting and who is on site in case of emergency.

4. Encourage employees to never work alone

Overtime is often something that cannot be avoided, resulting in employees working into the night and a hard ‘never work alone’ rule should be adopted. If someone needs to work late, they should notify a senior and ensure that someone will be able to work late with them.

If it’s impossible for more than one person to stay late, all doors must be properly locked, secured and tested. The member of staff should also be trained in the correct way to close the building securely when they leave. Alternatively, the presence of a security guard means they would always have the responsibility of ensuring the building is locked securely once everyone has left.

5. Always keep a backup

While security should have some focus on preventing theft, intrusion and staff safety, it should also consider accidental and environmental damage too. A successful workplace security plan should include a solid backup system to keep organisation documents and assets secure.

This can easily be done with external hard drives, a trustworthy cloud storage system or computers in a different location. No matter where you store your backup, it is recommended that you have three copies of each piece of data saved, so you are prepared for any possible security threat.

These are just some quick, simple suggestions on how security can be improved in the workplace, but overall, workplace security is about staying vigilant and ensuring that all procedures are fully understood. By spending a little time checking your security now, you will spend less time recovering from security violations later on.

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