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Office Building Security

When everyone is working in the office, it was considerably easier to spot suspicious behaviour or notice any damage to the premises, but what about now you’re working from home? With everyone out of the office, it can leave your place of work vulnerable to trespassers, theft of expensive equipment, and other security risks. Your office must remain secure throughout lockdown, ready for your employees to return to a safe environment when it is recommended to do so. Below, we suggest some of the measures you can implement to help secure your office, leaving you with peace of mind when working from home.

Install CCTV

With no one in the office to notice suspicious behaviour, it can increase your office building security risks. However, installing CCTV in different areas of your building, especially entry points, will massively minimise risks and act as your eyes and ears whilst you continue to work from home. The presence of security cameras alone deters intruders, so we recommend adding ‘warning’ signage on the outside of your premises indicating that security cameras are in use.

Conduct a Security Sweep

In the current climate, people know that office workers are most likely working from home, leaving your offices unattended. we suggest walking around the inside and outside of your premises to see if you can spot any obvious risks. For example, is there any expensive equipment visible from the windows? Are there any signs suggesting no one is in? Are your confidential documents out on the desks? Simple changes can make all the difference when trying to better your office building security.

Install Office Building Security Lighting and Sensors

More often than not, intruders are opportunists. If they believe they can enter your building without being seen, they are far more likely to try. By installing light motion sensors around the outside of your building, you’re exposing them to cameras and passers-by, making them feel vulnerable, and helping your office become less of a target. As the dark evenings of winter are fast approaching, and potentially some employees will start working back in the office, light sensors on the inside and outside of your office can massively help them feel at ease.

Hire Professional Manned Guards

A presence at your office is one of the biggest deterrents from criminals, so we highly recommend hiring manned security. Security guards are highly trained to be vigilant and detect any security risks, meaning you can work from home knowing your premises are in safe hands. If you choose to install CCTV, manned guards will also save you the hassle of monitoring the cameras as they are experienced in performing several tasks for corporate security. Other tasks include inner and outer perimeter patrols, package screening, conducting fire alarm tests and telephone duties. Controlling the access to your office whilst you’re at home can be difficult, especially when you can enter the office with a keycard – many of which end up lost or staying with former employees. A security guard can ensure that only people that you are expecting are granted access to the office.

If you are ready to improve your office building security, for peace of mind as you continue working from home, then get in touch with us today to find out how our security solutions can help.

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