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Simple Ways To Secure An Embassy Or Consulate Building

When entering a building such as an embassy or a consulate building, you would expect to see a high level of security to ensure that the building is secure. These buildings can often be a target for those that are looking to make a political statement and who may bring threats of violence or vandalism to your door, disrupting the everyday operation of the embassy and consulate building and jeopardising the safety of staff and diplomats.

It is, therefore, highly important to make sure that security is as tight as possible. To help you get started, we would have compiled a list of suggestions, as to some of the ways you can improve your embassy security.

Increased Protection At The Front Of The Building

When looking to improve embassy security it is important to consider much more than the interior of the building. Most threats can be prevented from outside the building and diverted away from the embassy or consulate building before materialising into a more worrying breach. Having additional protection by way of manned guarding at exits and entrances will ensure that your embassy is as secure as possible from the outside and limit any potential threats.

Often even the appearance of a strong security operation is enough to deter wrong-doers but it is reassuring to know that if challenged, your security team are fully trained to move trespassers away or diffuse any aggression should that come to pass.

Mobile Patrols For Additional Security In The Area

In addition to improving embassy security with security on the door, there is also the option to install additional mobile patrols around the surrounding area. This will enable guards to keep a lookout for potential risks as they approach and ensure that only those that are permitted to enter the building can do so. Whether they are checking for risks, moving people on or checking ID’s and access control, these additional patrols will improve embassy security and give peace of mind to those on-site.

CCTV For ImprovedEmbassy Security At All Times

Though having manned security on the door and security in the surrounding area, it is important to ensure that you are also improving security from the inside. You may choose to have security guards patrolling inside of the embassy or you can add an additional level of security in the form of CCTV. With security guards on hand to monitor on-site or remotely, or review the tapes to assess risks, this will improve embassy security and ensure that the footage is available should anything occur. You should also install CCTV outside the building to act as a deterrent to wrong-doers.

Close Protection For High Profile Visitors

Another way that you can begin to make sure your embassy is secure is by having close protection on hand for important guests entering the embassy. Here at 1st Class Protection, we can provide you with close protection for VIPs. Whether it be celebrities, public figures, diplomats or high net worth individuals, close protection security ensures that all of your visitors know they are valued, receiving the highest quality experience and the utmost protection.

With many years of experience in embassy and consulate security, we are here to help by providing you with a tailored, professional security solution. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you obtain the security plan that is right for you.

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