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Close Protection Agency in London

When it comes to close protection agency in London, we believe in three core principles: stringent planning, security expertise and the utmost discretion. At 1st Class Protection, we offer all this and more with our VIP security protection services so that you are always kept safe and protected.


Planning VIP Protection UK, Close Protection Companies in London

As high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, diplomats, and public figures, who are either living in London or visiting from abroad, the potential for real threats to your safety can cause stress and anxiety. The likelihood of you or those around you receiving unwanted attention can often be unpredictable and difficult to manage. In today’s climate, close protection companies in London are an increasingly necessary security measure for such individuals seeking peace of mind when they are going about their day.

Our premium close protection companies in london are personalised according to your individual needs. We carry out an initial risk assessment, taking the time to understand the level of involvement that is required, before expertly planning bespoke protocol and procedures to account for every eventuality imaginable, both at home and in public. We are leaders in VIP protection UK, with our highly trained and vigilant team. It’s through this careful planning and attention to detail that we can expertly identify the level of VIP protection you’ll need to go about your day, and night.

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Our Expertise with Close Protection in London 

We understand how important it is to have absolute trust in your security team to alleviate any stress and enable you to concentrate on your work schedule and/or enjoy your leisure time. We want you to be confident that the team protecting you have the necessary experience and acute skills to be unwaveringly vigilant, always anticipate and deter potential threats and act quickly and effectively to ensure your safety.

At 1st Class Protection, our VIP security protection officers are some of the best, most experienced security personnel in the industry. Having undergone an intensive training programme at our revered Training Academy, including lessons in Krav Maga (an Israeli self-defence form), and mostly coming from a Policing or Armed Forces background, means our guards are equipped with the experience and knowledge of how to effectively protect high-profile individuals and their assets. All our guards hold the accredited SIA licence and are DBS checked, whilst being trained in First Aid, providing extra reassurance to our clients in case of an emergency. Our thorough approach to training our guards ensures that we provide the highest-quality and most in-demand close protection in london for VIP clientele.


Discretional VIP Security Protection, Close Protection Firms UK 

1st Class Protection security officers are absolute professionals. We understand the importance of your privacy and would never compromise that. Consequently, all information gathered when designing your bespoke close protection security package is treated in the strictest confidence and shared only on a need-to-know basis.

As well as experience, training, and qualifications, we also believe in the importance of recruiting personable and well-presented officers for close protection in London roles. Whether you require plain clothes or uniformed officers, our staff are always presentable, friendly, and professional. It is particularly important in this area of security that guards are polite and engaging so that the individuals and the families with whom they work feel comfortable, especially if there are children involved.

Our close protection agency in london offers packages that include a combination of the following measures, largely dependent on your needs:

To discuss how you could benefit from our close protection services, why not give us a call? Your enquiry will be strictly confidential, and we will be happy to answer your questions, advise on strategy and provide a complimentary quotation for your bespoke security package without obligation. Find out more information on our other services, and for the latest industry information please browse our blog.


Close Protection Companies in London FAQs

What Other Services Can Be Offered with Close Protection in London?

We offer a wide range of security services in London. Not only do we protect individuals, but large groups of staff through our corporate and hospitality services for example, as well as private residential homes and streets with our neighbourhood security. No matter the security detail you require, we have the service and officers to provide it.


What Does the Job of a Close Protection Office Entail?

Offering both personal security and physical protection, our officers in close protection firms uk are more than just security guards. These highly trained, highly skilled guards can be proactive, quick-thinking, and efficient. They can plan the safest routes to venues, for example, scan perimeters, or carry out searches of any room before you enter. It is all about prevention, always keeping you safe, and avoiding any unnecessary disruption during your visit to London, or your day and evening routine if you reside here. Wherever you are staying, living, or working, our close protection security personnel will ensure you have the security you need, 24/7.


Can I Tailor My Close Protection Firms UK?

We are always happy to deal with client requests, as we understand all individuals are different and need varying levels of VIP security protection. We aim to provide you with a bespoke security solution so that you get exactly what you need from a close protection team. Please do get in touch to learn more about our close protection company in London, and we’ll be happy to discuss in more detail the ideal security package for your exact requirements.

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