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Why a Secure Foreign Embassy is a Safe One for Staff & Visitors

An embassy can be a very busy place both inside and around the surrounding area, with a number of visitors as well as staff working on site. With London being one of the busiest cities in the world, the location of foreign embassies within the capital can be near to busy tourist spots and attract many different types of visitor throughout the year. Sometimes this can attract unwelcome attention from those looking to disrupt an embassy’s normal working processes. Having UK embassy security that ensures any potential threats or disruption is kept to a minimum is vital, especially when embassies and consulates around the world have been targeted regularly in the past. But what measures can be put in place to help keep UK embassy and consulate security as tight as possible?

Highly Trained Security Officers

Having a physical manned guarding presence outside an embassy or consulate building provides the deterrent needed to ensure any potential threat or disruption can be avoided before it starts. In 2019, Project Servator joined forces with diplomatic security for the first time to provide additional UK embassy security. Project Servator is an initiative set up to deter, detect and disrupt criminal activity, including terrorism, helping provide reassurance to the public. Their officers are highly trained and able to detect unusual activity from suspicious individuals, ideally placed around UK hotspots such as foreign embassies. Having highly-trained security staff that goes beyond standard security services is vital to deter any unusual behaviour.

Close Protection for High Profile Visitors

London’s embassies will regularly have government officials from around the world visiting, with their protection being the highest priority. Highly-trained individuals can provide diplomatic close protection to assist these officials, as and when they visit, providing continuous protection in and out of the embassy and when entering/exiting a vehicle. Trained in first aid and usually from a policing or military background, this level of protection provides an additional layer of security for diplomats when they require it.

Mobile Patrols of the Area Around the Embassy and Consulate Buildings

The areas surrounding an embassy can provide concern, which is why mobile patrols are conducted in embassy areas. Embassies can attract protestors, for example, so keeping the peace is required by working alongside law enforcement in the area. A mobile patrol not only helps to spot potential issues before they become a problem, but they also provide a visible presence to help diplomatic staff and the public feel safe when visiting an embassy. Many embassies may require a mixture of visible and plain clothes officers to operate in the area, who will liaise with officials and the public to advise on vigilance and inform of their reasons for patrolling. This type of transparency when required can further provide a deterrent from would-be criminals.

With UK embassy security working closely with the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command, the vision is to keep these areas as safe as possible. At 1st Class Protection, we provide London security services that utilise SIA licenced security personnel, highly trained to provide world-class security. With expertise in close protection, mobile patrol and manned guarding amongst others, our premium services help keep a variety of sectors safe and secure 24/7. Contact us to find out more.

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