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Why Should You Be Investing In Security Concierge Services?

As a hotel owner, your number one priority is the safety of both visitors and staff on a day-to-day basis. As a result, you may have already invested in CCTV, cybersecurity and other protocols to keep the hotel secure. However, with the front of house being one of the most important aspects of the hotel, it is important to make sure that this section of your establishment remains secure and that customers know you care about their safety. But how can a concierge security service really benefit you?

Front Of House Security With Concierge Security

The front of house is often the most important part of a hotel or apartment building, as this is the first port of call for many when visiting. As a result, adding security such as a concierge security service can help to bring peace of mind to not only those living there but also members of staff and visitors. Though CCTV surveillance at the front desk can help in providing evidence should any security issue take place, investing in security services can prevent the issues occurring in the first place. With training to the highest standard, each of ourfully vetted, SIA-certified individuals are trained to provide the security needed should a security risk present itself with the added benefit of having the customer service skills expected of a great concierge.

Improve Customer Experience WithConcierge Security Services

Though security is important, you want to make sure that the user experience is still just as good; this is where 1st Class Protection can help. Each of our highly-trained individuals works with your front of house staff to provide a high-end experience for your visitors. In addition to the concierge services on offer, there are several other services such as manned guarding, patrols and CCTV all of which can improve the overall customer experience without overspending as a result. In addition to providing the high level of security that you need, each of the trained individuals that we provide for concierge services, also dress the part to ensure that your front of house staff gives the best first impression to those that are visiting. For residents, it is good to know they have a familiar face they can trust and who is trained to divert security breaches from their doorstep.

Concierge SecurityFor Emergency Situations

With many people constantly checking in and out of the hotel, it is important to make sure that all your guests are accounted for. And with professionalsecurity on the front desk to check people in and out, you can ensure that should a fire alarm go off and an evacuation is needed, you have a full list of everyone that is in the building.

Regardless of whether you are looking for concierge security for a housing block or a hotel, 1st Class Protection can help you. For more information on our concierge security services, contact us today.

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