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Why You Need 24/7 Security for your Retail Complex

Thousands of people walk through the doors of a retail complex every single day, with some of the largest shopping centres in the UK welcoming millions of visitors each year. Of course, with retail outlets and shopping centres being so popular, the consequence is that there is a whole new spectrum of threats and security risks that could jeopardise the safety of the public, employees and property.

Terrorist attacks, theft and violence are all real security risks to a retail complex that must be considered in an extensive risk assessment that includes internal and external threats. A risk assessment will identify possible scenarios and highlight any vulnerabilities your complex has - this will help build a safe and secure security management plan. Although it's no easy task, considering retail security and loss prevention is vital for your retail complex. Below, we explain a few reasons why.

To identify Any Suspicious Behaviour

When dealing with large volumes of people in a building complex, you need to hire security guards that specialise in identifying suspicious behaviour amongst the crowds. As retail complexes attract masses of people every day, they can become a target for terrorist attacks.Security guardsthat have undergone specialist retail training will have learnt how to be vigilant and observant to identify any suspicious behaviour and react in a decisive way that abides by their security training.

To Control Access Points and Prevent Trespassers

When you’re hoping to improve the retail security and loss prevention of your retail complex, you must consider your building’s access points. By using atrustworthy security service, you can have professional security guards manning the entrance points for employees, vendors and contractors, ensuring no unauthorized personnel enter the back rooms of your complex. Additionally, it’s worth implementing security passes, PIN verification and other access control systems to help make your retail complex more secure from trespassers.

To Identify and Safely Remove Suspicious Packages and Unattended Bags

Your security management system for your retail complex should include the identification and safe removal of suspicious packages and bags. At 1st Class Protection, our trained security guards can screen packages using X-ray scans to help prevent external threats from entering the retail complex. In the public areas of your retail complex, our trained security guards will spot any bags left unattended and act accordingly. When reviewing the security of your retail complex, a security service will suggest changes such as the removal of litter bins, clear bags for waste disposal and all empty cabinets and cupboards to be locked. These changes can help ensure the safety of the public and deter threatening items from being left in your retail complex.

To Monitor Activity at All Hours of The Day

24/7 security surveillance systems are of paramount importance for the safety of a retail complex. CCTV camera installation can help you control access points and track the activity of visitors, employees and any equipment and goods in the building. The presence of 24/7 CCTV alone can deter criminals from targeting your retail complex, as they will no longer see it as an easy target.

In the event of theft from shoplifters, it also provides clear evidence for post-incident investigations. Even after the shoppers and staff have gone home, a high-quality security surveillance system can be your eyes and ears throughout the night. At 1st Class Protection, our professional security team can install CCTV inside and outside your premises, leaving no area unwatched. Plus, the team can monitor and review the CCTV recordings and react decisively when noticing something suspicious. 

If you want to find out more about retail security and loss prevention, then please contact our professional team, and you can learn about our specialised retail security management. 

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