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Don’t leave your retail store unprotected. At 1st Class Protection we offer tailored retail security services and solutions for retail outlets & stores.

Retail security at independent stores, outlets, and shopping complexes, is becoming increasingly more challenging for business owners. A vital part of successful retail security strategy is ensuring you have a reliable and trustworthy team of retail security staff present at your store. The safety of shoppers, vendors, employees, and property in retail stores can no longer simply depend on limited retail security with the presence of one uniformed guard standing at the entrance. You need fully comprehensive retail security services to prevent the threat of malicious acts being perpetrated on your premises. This is a challenge because unlike office buildings, retail locations are open to the public and therefore retail security requires a more complex solution. This is where we can help.

At 1st Class Protection, we can provide rapid, reliable security solutions for any business. Whether a small store or a shopping centre, we cover them all. Get in touch to find out more information.

Retail security


We have the experience and knowledge of how to address these challenges in retail store security, using a variety of approaches. These include:

CCTV System for Shop Security

State-of-the-art retail security cameras, using high-resolution CCTV, gives us a real-time overview of shoppers’ traffic patterns. This allows us to allocate the correct amount of retail security guards to specific locations in the retail store or complex. Whilst CCTV cameras alone are a strong deterrent against theft and burglary, the presence of retail security guards reinforces this preventative effect. CCTV is also useful in post-incident retail security reviews and to track internal theft.

Retail Security Guards with Specialised Training

Our retail security personnel undergo extensive training. We do this to provide our guards with a broad skill set in detection, conflict resolution and crowd management. They are trained to apprehend shoplifters discreetly and to minimise disruption or attention from other shoppers. Plus, our retail security services extend to car park security, helping your shoppers arrive and leave your retail complex safely. Additionally, all our retail security guards have undergone background checks and hold the SIA-license. 1st Class Protection can also provide plain-clothed officers for an additional layer of shop security where a less visible presence is required to monitor the shop floor.

Retail Security Solutions for Loss Prevention & Inventory Shrinkage

Every retail operation will experience trade loss and inventory shrinkage at some stage. However, left unchecked, loss due to pilferage, theft and supplier collusion could significantly affect a company’s profits. Our loss prevention retail security solutions are designed to mitigate your losses by introducing various procedures: analysing supplier deliveries, inspecting storerooms, conducting random end-of-shift checks and employee locker room checks, for example. As one of London’s leading retail security companies, we ensure all areas of loss prevention are monitored and inventory accounted for.

Terrorist Threats to Shop Security

Shopping malls are an increasingly likely target for those attempting an act of terror simply because of the number of people who visit them. Our retail security specialists will conduct an extensive on-site review and risk assessment of the premises to determine any obvious weaknesses, which could be exploited by would-be terrorists. We also train retail store security staff to look out for suspicious characters, unattended bags, and other unusual activity as precautionary measures for preventing acts of terrorism as part of our security in retail approach.

In the event of a serious incident occurring, you can trust our retail security guards to act decisively, drawing on their experience and training to follow established protocol and secure the area in every way possible. Your level of trust in retail security companies needs to be high in moments like this and with our security in retail solutions, you can be assured safety is our number one priority.

If you would like to discuss the level of shop security in your store or retail centre and how it might be improved with our retail security solutions, contact us today and we will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation and quotation.

What is Retail Security: FAQs

Does 1st Class Protection Install & Monitor Retail Security Cameras?

Yes, all our latest CCTV monitoring and retail security cameras can be installed for your convenience by our expert security team, ensuring that installation is carried out properly and cameras are situated within prime areas of your store. We have a range of different CCTV security packages available depending on your requirements. If it’s just retail security cameras you need installing or a fully-fledged shop security surveillance system, we can recommend the perfect solution that includes cost analysis, planning and layout design.

Can I Create a Retail Store Security Package with 1st Class Protection?

Absolutely, you will be able to advise us exactly the requirements you need for retail store security and from there we can design the perfect retail security solutions. Whether you need every day retail security services or you're hosting an event in which case you require event security, we can tailor our services to your needs. We are fully flexible on our packages so if you prefer to have more retail security guards and mobile patrols as a visible deterrent or want to have the latest advancements in technology to help combat would-be criminals, we can help you create a bespoke solution for your business. Having a clear plan and approach to security in retail will ensure your assets stay protected whilst your staff and customers will feel safe in your store.

Why Choose 1st Class Protection from Other Retail Security Companies?

Our many years of experience providing premium security services across various sectors places us as one of the leading retail security companies in London. Our clients seem to think so, as made clear in their testimonials, experiencing first-hand our attention to the details in security and our sector-specific approach. We keep ahead of the latest trends in security, ensuring our clients have access to the latest approaches, techniques, and technology to provide a comprehensive security service.

We have helped clients with corporate security as well as restaurant and hotel security in London, and construction site security, with tailored security services to their unique needs. Also, on an individual basis, we have helped clients with personal security, providing close protection, for example. Whichever your requirements, no matter your sector - including retail, we have the knowledge and accreditations required to provide a premium service.

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