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We're not just one of the leading security companies. When you need professional cleaning services in London for your office space, retail store or other commercial and residential property, our cleaning personnel at 1st Class Protection can help. Fully qualified and having all necessary CRB checks and references, our cleaners will ensure all areas tasked to tidy and clean are left spotless, meaning you will always receive high-quality cleaning services in London. Enquire today and we’ll help provide a cleaning package that works for your environment and specific needs.


Hire Professional Deep Cleaning Services in London

At 1st Class Protection, we understand the importance of deep cleaning services in London for making the best first impression; nothing provides a more welcoming environment than a clean property. Not only will you be satisfied with the result, but so will your customers, clients, and staff. From the presence of our professional security guards to our specialist cleaning staff, we will ensure that visitors to your premises are impressed from the moment they arrive. As well as looking great, the peace of mind you’ll provide for visitors and employees - from the high standards of hygiene you upkeep - will help them feel at ease in your commercial property. This is more important than ever in a post-coronavirus environment to ensure all visitors feel safe within your office, retail store or other commercial premises at all times. You can contact us today to find out more about our deep cleaning services in London.

COVID-19 Office Cleaning in London

Office cleaning requires a thorough approach, and we will ensure all personnel follow COVID-clean guidelines. We can arrange regular cleaning, as well as one-off deep cleaning services in london for your office space. This is important if you are planning to reopen and welcome back staff. We take all guidelines related to COVID-19 very seriously ensuring all personnel have PPE available and follow strict protocols when providing our professional cleaning services in london. Our cleaning protocols are routinely checked, and we monitor any changing developments with relation to COVID-19 to maintain our highest levels of service and adapting where necessary.

As well as our commercial cleaning services in London, we also provide residential and private property cleaning. Whether you have a private property or live within an apartment block, our staff can bring a professional clean to your home. No matter how large or small the task is, you’ll always receive first-class cleaning services in London.

Our Staff for Professional Cleaning Services in London

Our cleaning staff are available to work around a schedule to suit you and have been fully vetted by us in advance to save you the hassle or stress of researching for reliable cleaning services in London. Whether it is for residential or commercial purposes, allow us to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for you and your guests by way of the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Every one of our personnel will arrive prepared at your premises completely prepped with cleaning materials and equipment. This will ensure that they can start cleaning straight away and you will not have to be concerned with supplying them with the relevant products to do their job. We always aim to leave all clients satisfied with the level of service our cleaning personnel provide and depending on your package requirements, we can also provide security services, such as guards, if need be.

Our professional cleaning services in london serve the following locations:

* Offices
* Shops and retail centres
* Hotels
* Residential properties (private homes and apartment blocks)
* Leisure centres
* Other places of public interest

We can provide the following professional cleaning services in london:

* Professional cleans
* Ad hoc cleaning 
* Regular, contracted services
* End of tenancy cleans
* One-off / Spring Clean
* COVID deep clean

Enquire Today About Our Cleaning Services in London

If you would like to know more about professional cleaning services in London, please give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a complimentary quotation.

Cleaning Services in London FAQs

Can I Personalise Commercial & Professional Cleaning Services in London?

We are happy to provide a service that meets your expectations and can discuss the options available. When you request a quote, please detail your requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs and provide an accurate quotation for a bespoke package. Our cleaning services in london can be fully adapted and tailored to be as comprehensive as you wish. Even if you only require a one-off service such as an end of tenancy clean, you may want to enquire about our mobile patrol or a CCTV camera system, for example, helping create a safer environment, as well as a professionally cleaned one.

Can I Request Security Services as well as Office Cleaning in London?

Absolutely, we can create a package for you that covers not just office cleaning but also any of our corporate security services you require. Many clients we have worked with have several different services within their package, so that they not only have professionally clean premises, but also premises which are highly secure. Similarly, you can choose to have residential security guards as well as cleaners and a opt for a comprehensive service from a trusted source rather than separate personnel from different organisations entering your home.

Are there other Additional Services to Professional Cleaning in London You Provide?

As well as our commercial and professional cleaning services in London, we can also help you with caretaking duties if you require the services of a highly trained individual to look after your property. From maintenance tasks to ensuring thorough checks are carried out to maintaining high levels of security during the night or whilst you are away, we are happy to arrange a caretaker whenever you need one. For instance, the school caretaker can keep the premises compliant with health and safety and increase security in schools. Alternatively, we offer a comprehensive concierge service that you can receive as well as the cleaning services. Caretaking and concierge services can be an ideal solution for Schools and Colleges, residential properties, or corporate buildings, especially if you require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure efficiency.

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