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Unmonitored car parks can be a prime location for would-be criminals. In fact, up to 80 per cent of all crimes committed in public occur in parking lots. Whether it be vehicle break-ins and theft, mugging, or assault, criminals can take advantage of these often dark and deserted spaces. As a result, car park security is in high demand to ensure secure parking.

At 1st Class Protection, we offer secure parking solutions to ensure that people feel safe and comfortable using car parks under our supervision. We provide car parking security that addresses the biggest issues around car park safety that are of concern to members of the public using them, as well as those that own them. When improving security in schools, hotel security in London, or any other sector, implementing measures for safe and secure car parking is crucial. Any car parking management company will want to uphold a positive reputation for their parking space; we can assist in creating an environment that makes people feel safe whilst providing vital deterrents to any would-be criminal.

Car Park Security Services

Car Park Security: Our Secure Parking Solutions

Whether you want to focus on preventing vandalism or loitering, for example, or you want to enforce car park access control measures, we can assist in the following secure parking solutions:

* Ensuring adequate lighting to eliminate dark corners
* Scheduling regular foot and vehicle patrols around the entire car park
* Patrolling lifts and stairwells leading to the car park
* Removing suspicious or loitering characters from the car park to minimise the risk of vandals and opportunistic thieves

* Mobile patrols
* Screening outgoing cars and ensure they belong to the owners
* Installing a CCTV camera system for secure parking


Additionally, we maintain car park safety, operational efficiency, and a fluid parking system by:

* Enforcing parking policies
* Providing a written warning to cars which contravene policies
* Maintaining a daily log of parking activities for analysis


Secure Car Park - ‘Meet and Greet’

Our professional car park security guards can also provide additional security services to ensure a secure parking experience. As a bonus, we offer a ‘Meet and Greet’ service, meeting and taking clients from their offices or retail outlet, for example, or to their car after office or operating hours. This is particularly beneficial if there is some distance between where the car is parked and the place of work and will help customers feel much safer at night. Also, our car park security guards can report any maintenance issues as and when they arise, which is particularly crucial to maintain car park safety. As part of our security services, we have a well-trained team of private caretakers and experts in cleaning services in London, so we can ensure a secure car park and help with general upkeep. The team will inform the car park’s facilities management so that they can maintain various important aspects, such as good lighting throughout and functioning ticket machines, for example. This is all helps to avoid breaches of Health and Safety regulations or to note any other repairs that are required for the smooth day-to-day running of the car park.

Any modern car park needs to address safety as a priority, providing much-needed assurances for those looking to use them. At 1st Class Protection, we take our work extremely seriously, whether it’s for busy corporate security or quieter residential security, secure parking is just as important as any other sector we cover. Protect your car park and those that use it with our professional assistance.

If you would like to discuss your current level of car park security and how it can be improved, get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation and quotation, based on a solution that works for you.

Secure Car Park FAQs

Why Choose 1st Class Protection for Secure Parking Solutions?

We are one of the leading security companies in London that covers a wide range of areas of private security. Since 2004 we have established ourselves as a primary choice for both large and small businesses to secure their assets and protect their staff and visitors. We understand how important maintaining a high level of car park safety is for your business and that customers and staff need to trust they can park and leave their vehicle safely without issue. They also need to feel safe themselves when accessing your car park, no matter the time of day. Our approach to car park safety is true to our core values of protecting life, protecting property, preventing, and deterring crime and creating a safe environment.

We are experts in event security, retail security, and much more, no matter the sector or the size of your car park, we will ensure secure parking and security is always of the highest level, ensuring your business maintains its reputation as a trusted and secure place to park a vehicle.

How Can You Ensure Car Park Access Control is Maintained?

Car Park access control is extremely important and ensures that only those rightfully using the facilities can access the parking lot. Creating a deterrent for any would-be criminals or trespassers, we help maintain car park access control through many different approaches, including manned guarding services, car park security guards patrolling the area regularly to CCTV monitoring or screening of outgoing cars to ensure they are being driven by the rightful owner. How you decide on the level of car park security will depend on the type of car park you have, a large open-plan area will require a different solution to a multi-floor car park, for example. We will assess your individual needs and create a security package that works for you, providing the right level of security for your car park, whether you're looking for healthcare protection, construction site security, or a different industry.

What Kind of Training do your Car Park Security Guards Have?

We hire based on a rigorous recruitment regime that ensures all security personnel at 1st Class Protection have the quality our clients require. From our team that work in close protection to our private investigator in London, all our personnel are Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved and many come from military or police backgrounds, possessing the necessary skillset they need to perform security tasks to the highest levels. With car park security guards as part of your package through us, you will know you have trustworthy personnel who will perform their role in your car park exactly as required and as set out in the Assignment Instructions, created by us. Whilst being friendly and approachable and able to conduct their daily tasks efficiently without issue, they will remain vigilant and alert to pro-actively resolve any instances of disruption, as and when necessary.

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