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Unmonitored car parks can be a prime location for would-be criminals. In fact, up to 80 percent of all crimes committed in public occur in parking lots. Whether it be vehicle break-ins and theft, mugging, or assault, criminals can take advantage of these often dark and deserted spaces. As a result, car park security is becoming increasingly in demand.

At 1st Class Protection, we strive to ensure that people feel safe and comfortable using car parks under our supervision.

Car Park Security Services

Car Park Security Measures
* Ensuring adequate lighting to eliminate dark corners
* Scheduling regular foot and vehicle patrols around the entire car park
* Patrolling lifts and stairwells leading to the car park
* Removing suspicious or loitering characters from the car park to minimise risk of vandals and opportunistic thieves
* Screening outgoing cars and ensure they belong to the owners
* Installing CCTV cameras

In addition, we maintain operational efficiency and a fluid parking system by:
* Enforcing parking policies
* Providing a written warning to cars which contravene policies
* Maintaining a daily log of parking activities for analysis 

‘Meet and Greet’
Our professional car park security guards can also provide additional services. As a bonus, we offer a ‘Meet and Greet’ service, taking clients from their offices or retail outlet, for example, to their car after office or operating hours. We can also report maintenance issues as and when they arise so that the car park’s facilities management can maintain good lighting and functioning ticket machines, for example, avoid breaches of Health and Safety regulations or note any other repairs required for the smooth day-to-day running of the car park.

If you would like to discuss your current level of security and how it can be improved, give us a call and one of our advisors will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation and quotation, based on a solution that works for you. 

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