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Events such as conventions, exhibitions, concerts, and even speaking engagements require discreet, effective security measures, planned and implemented by well-trained professionals. 

1st Class Protection offers a comprehensive events package that will address every potential security weakness of any event. Our experienced security specialists will anticipate and manage the multitude of security challenges that they might encounter, guaranteeing a safe and secure event for staff and visitors.

London's Best Event Security Service

We offer the following services for event security:
* Manned Guarding services
* Entry/Gate Screening (including body searches)
* Gate Attendants
* Ushers
* Crowd Management
* Traffic Control
* Access control
* Car park management

Security tailored to you
Our process begins with an in-depth risk assessment of the event, which includes varying factors such as location, assets, target demographic, and volume of visitors. We then develop a security solution which takes into consideration, for example, entrance security, visitor screening, assets protection, crowd management, contingency plans and emergency evacuation. We also implement security protocols to ensure no management conflicts occur between our team and internal staff or organisers.

No two events are alike, so our dedicated Event Security Managers design bespoke solutions for different types of events to ensure the optimal level of security for organisers and participants. We also make it a point to liaise with local authorities and the police to solicit their cooperation and create continuous lines of communication, which is crucial during emergencies. 

Our guards
Our security staff are trained in First Aid and are capable of assisting anyone who needs this. In the unlikely case of a medical emergency, it is reassuring to know that our security staff can manage the situation before emergency services arrive.

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you to organise a safe and successful event. Our advisors will be happy to answer any questions you might have, recommend a package that would work best for you, and provide you with a complimentary quotation.

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