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If you are concerned about the credibility of someone in your work or private life or feel that you may be a target of investigation, 1st Class Protection can provide you with a specialist investigator who can help bring you peace of mind. Whether you are unsure about entering into a business partnership, have concerns over an employee or business partner’s behaviour or believe your spouse or partner to be unfaithful, we can help bring the answers you require, quickly, discretely and confidentially.


1st Class Private Investigation

Our Team

1st Class Protection has an unrivalled reputation in the provision of private investigation, surveillance and debt recovery services to both companies and individuals. Our team of private investigators has over 30 years’ experience, and combine traditional surveillance methods with the use of high-tech devices combined with an understanding of electronic communications to deliver an exemplary service to private and commercial clients worldwide.

Our exceptional team includes private detectives with extensive experience in the Israeli Secret Service, as well as highly skilled electronic and computer engineers. We possess the most advanced technological equipment and knowledge in the field of investigation and detective services. Our team are fully insured and belong to the professional body of Private Investigators.

How we can help you
Our dedicated investigators can assist you with the following concerns:
* Due diligence
* Matrimonial investigation
* Potential partner vetting
* Tracking lost relatives
* Investigating hidden assets
* Suspected fraudulent activity
* Debt Recovery
* Vehicle Tracking
* Surveillance
* Employee Monitoring
* Court Surveillance
* Nanny Monitoring
* Missing Persons
* ELF leak investigation

Counter Surveillance
In addition to our covert surveillance services, we also offer assistance in counter surveillance. If you have concerns that you are be being tracked by a partner, other individual or competitor, for example, we can offer an investigatory service to alleviate your fears. 
Our team can sweep for bugging devices, phone taps and hidden cameras, reinstating your privacy and taking the stress out of your day-to-day life.

Method of Investigation
There are a range of options available to us when performing a private investigation. Each operation is tailored to your situation, as no two operations are the same. 
Our investigators are experienced in using the following technologies:
* Special GSM investigation
* Special Wi-Fi investigation
* Anti –Spy Software
* AUX Investigation
* Covert sound recording
* Cameras
* GPS tracking
* Vehicle tracking
* Cyber surveillance
* PC Email Forensics
* Lie detector tests

If you are concerned about someone at work or in your private life and feel you may benefit from the assistance of a professional private investigator, give us a call. Your concerns will be treated in the strictest confidence and we will be able to provide you with a complimentary quotation, based on an effective bespoke solution that will put your mind at ease.

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